Wild In Love (9 Book Romance Box Set)

Wild In Love (9 Book Romance Box Set)

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    (9 Book Romance- Standalone Series)

    ~ Loved By The Cowboy Box Set ~
    Carmen grew up in a small country town in the south. She always wanted an exciting life, so she decided to become a sports medicine doctor, specializing in rodeo events. The rodeo had always been a place of solitude for Carmen and one of great pain. One day Carmen is called to assist with a bull rider who has taken a devastating fall. The man is strikingly handsome and Carmen feels silly, because she is star struck. Things quickly change as his injuries threaten to end his career. With the past repeating itself, Jane tries to keep her distance, but finds herself drawn to the handsome bull rider. Follow Carmen’s adventure as she tries move forward from the past. Will she decide to risk her heart?

    ~ Love In The Jungle Box Set ~
    Clara is a workaholic who has been having second thoughts about her career choice. One day her demanding bosses ask her to do something she knows is unethical. Clara refuses to comply and is forced out of the company. Clara is heartbroken, but decides to fulfill a lifelong dream and embark on a trip of a lifetime. On the way she meets a good looking stranger who’s path seems destined to weave with her own. Follow Clara’s journey as she travels to find hope, love and happiness.

    ~ Unwelcome Reunion Box Set ~
    Sarah is an expatriate living in Malawi. She goes to a prestigious school with the other expatriates of the country, but never seems to fit in. She is slightly overweight and has never tried to modernize her outward appearance. During her high school years she forms an unnatural obsession with one of the popular boys in her class. Her world is shattered when she makes an advance toward him and he turns her down. She spends the next several years of her life haunted by that day and fantasizes about making amends for it at her high school reunion. At her reunion she again finds herself the joke of the school. Sarah leaves in shame and decides she is tired of being the ugly duckling. She starts to lose weight and shop at more modern clothes stores. During her years of transformation she reconnects with an old friend and they begin to see each other on a regular basis. They want to remain friends but things quickly escalate and they both teach each other a few things in their sexual journey together

    *The books in this box set are complete standalone series.

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